Styling Consultation

From design tips to home makeovers and choosing the right products, our Design Specialists have you covered with expert Design Consultations.

We have Three packages to choose from to turn your vision into a realityand unlock the full potential of your space.

Here's how the design process works


What is the Design Consultation service?

The design consultation allows you to book a time with one of our RIS expert designers. You can use the time to discuss your design requirements and brief. The team generally asks how you'd like to use the space, your lifestyle preferences, and how you'd like the space to feel. Additionally, your design specialist will propose a floor plan to help you best make use of your space and help you convert your ideas into a reality that best reflects your lifestyle and personality.

Is there a minimum room requirement for the Design Consultation service?

Yes, the minimum room requirement is 1.

Can I have my Design Consultation meeting virtually?

Yes, with RIS design consultations, you can schedule your consultation online.

What are the payment terms for the Design Consultation?

We require full payment for the Design Consultation in advance.