Muse Blanc Candle - RESOURCE

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A Crisp Floral Candle In A Translucent Porcelain Vessel That Glows When The Wicks Are Lit. The Scent: Fresh Cut Flowers Our Muse Candles Are A Soy/Paraffin Blend For A Cleaner Burn And Stronger Scent Reach. Enjoy Their Essence For An Average 48 Hour Burn Time—Trimming The Wick Regularly To A Quarter Inch Will Help Your Candle Burn At A Slower Rate. Once Your Candle Is Gone, The Vessel Is Begging To Be Reused As A Vase (We Recommend Pretty Posies). Packaged In A Nifty Gift Box, They Make The Perfect Hostess Present (Or Pick-Me-Up For Yourself).

    • Material: Pocerclain Matte Vase
    • Dimensions: 13 L x 13 W x 13 H cm
    • Color: White